Student Affairs

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Student Affairs Division

Professor A. T. P. Ajuwape

Dean of Students


May I welcome all students to the University of Ibadan for another academic session.

From its inception, this University, the first in Nigeria has impacted positively on the country’s development by training the needed high level manpower. The entire country has been the catchment area of the University for providing the needed education for the manpower requirements of the nation. Her sterling reputation in the country is unrivalled.

According to the National Universities Commission, University of Ibadan is currently rated as the first in Nigeria.

The University of Ibadan provides a safe, humane and conductive environment to engender the pursuit of students’ academic excellence. It does not condone any act of indiscipline or Examination misconduct. Therefore each student is expected to read through the Student information Handbook as a guide on what is expected of him or her in this prestigious Institution. The information therein has been updated to reflect current realities in the University and the Country at large. It is thus a veritable resource document to be well consulted by all students.

As a constituent unit in the Registry of the University, the Student Affairs Division deals with all matters relating to student welfare, hence, the Student Information Handbook is a guiding document to all students. New and old students are therefore advised to consult the document from time to time.

The philosophy that knowledge is power is what drives the preparation of this Information Handbook as such, ignorance of its content by students of the University will not be an excuse when rules are flouted, in conclusion

I wish you all a fruitful academic session.

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