S.O. Ewegbenro, B.A., M.Ed. (Ibadan), CIPM, AMPMA (U.K.)
Senior Assistant Registrar (SAR)
Records Officer (Undergraduate)

From the Desk of the Records Officer
Duties of the Undergraduate Records Unit include the followings:
1. Management of all Students’ bio-data and academic records;
2. Processing and issuance of undergraduate official academic transcripts of alumni of the University;
3. Certification and verification of issued official academic transcripts
4. Sending of official academic transcripts of alumni of the University to institutions or organizations upon request for such to be sent either electronically (e-mail) or by courier services.
NOTICE: Applicants who have previously processed official academic transcripts from the Records Unit should commence the process from Step 2
STEP 1: Download and fill Departmental Transcript Request form from The form should be taken to the department to request for a transfer of the departmental results to the Records Unit for processing. Applicants are to note that until the department dispatches the departmental results to the Records Unit, the process cannot be initiated by the Unit. Fees may be requested at the department. Graduates of the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 are exempted from this Step!
STEP 2: Applicants are to initiate transcript request on (This should be
done if the applicant has previously satisfied Step 1. Afterwards applicants should
proceed to to generate invoice for payment of University of Ibadan
official academic transcript under University of Ibadan General Fees on the platform.

Fees for the official academic transcript are as follows:
1. Student’s copy: N3,000
2. Local address: N3,000
3. International address: N5,000
4. Electronic copy: N1,000 (Addition/Optional)

The fees could be paid to the commercial banks or via the electronic payment platform.

STEP 3: Applicants are to convert the remita-generated receipt to the University receipt at the
Treasury Unit of the University Bursary before presenting same to the Records Unit for transcript processing. Applicants may forward the electronic remita receipt to [email protected] for the office to initiate the process and present to the University
at the point of collection.


Applicants applying for official academic transcript verification from institutions/organizations should forward their request for confirmation of verification requests to [email protected]. Upon a favourable response, applicants should proceed to pay verification fee of Five Thousand Naira (N5,000) on the remita (as applicable in Step 2).

The remita receipt should be converted to the University Receipt and be presented to the Records Unit.
Applicants are to write on the receipt identification number (if any) of the organisation that forwards the verification request (e.g. WES 100234).

Prospective applicants are to note the followings:

1. Issuance and collection of official academic transcripts are made possible in person by applicants or by proxy through a letter of authority from the applicants
2. If applicants wish to send their requests by courier (as may be required by some institutions/organizations), you may call any of the underlisted courier firms on ground in the University:

a. +2349096476892 (DHL)
b. +2347033788050 (UPS)
c. +2348109073349 (Courier Plus)
d. +2347038411024 (EMS/Speed)

3. Any personal address supplied for processing transcript will be treated as Student’s Copy and as such watermarked.
4. ONLY transcript request with institutional or organizational destination address will not be watermarked.
5. Applicants who are sending their requests online (e-copy) should pay additional One Thousand Naira (N1,000) in addition to the transcript fee (both should be paid under University of Ibadan Transcript Fee on the remita platform.

Notice: It is important to inform the alumni of the University that the full automation and digitization of the Records Unit’s operation to ease the processing of transcripts and other allied requests, is underway.

In view of the aforesaid, prospective applicants for the services of the Records Unit of the University are to exercise patience with the current operations of the Unit. Wherein, their presence is required and lack of expected immediacy in granting their requests.

Your understanding is appreciated.

Thank you.
For further enquiries or complaint(s), please call or mail:
Tel: +2348067084103
E-mail: [email protected]

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