Board of Health

This is a committee of Council.


Chairman – Prof. Sunbo Amano – Boadu

1 Member of Council

The Registrar

The Bursar

The Provost, College of Medicine

1 Representative of Senate

1 Representative of Congregation

The Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee, UCH

The Dean of Students

The Director of Health Services

The Director of Works

Secretary – The Registrar’s Nominee

Terms of Reference:

I). To advise council on the general policy on health matters in the University and the implementation of such policy.

II). To advise Director of Health on specific matters relating to health care in the University that may be brought before it.

III). To determine what health policies should govern referral for treatment of staff/students within the limits of University budget.

IV). To ensure a good working relationship with University College hospital especially in the medical treatment of emergencies involving staff and students of the University.

V). To consider other matters that may be germane to the problems of health care in the University and make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor.