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Student Affairs Division

Professor .A. Abiona

Dean of Students


I heartily welcome all students of the University of Ibadan, the First and the Best, to another academic session.

The Student Affairs Division oversees all aspects of students’ welfare in order to provide a conducive environment for learning and students’ personal development. The Division supervises, manages and encourages a number of extracurricular activities and services aimed at guiding the students in the right directions.

The University offers a conductive environment for excellent academic pursuit of various programmes desired by students in their careers. The University which has produced needed manpower at various levels at the national and international levels, has impacted greatly and positively in terms of character training and academics in her graduates.

An ideal studentin the University of Ibadan is someone found worthy in character and learning, who has passed through the University and the virtues of the University have equally passed through him or her. He or she is a student per excellence who takes part in academic activities and also in co-curricular activities in the school.

The Student Information Handbook spells out the rules and regulations of the University in the areas of expected General conducts, Examination Regulations, Discipline, Participation in Student Organizations etc.

The University of Ibadan has certain culture and values which are cherished time immemorial. All bonafide students are allocated to different halls of residence. These halls serve as the rallying point for social interaction and identification as students of Ibadan.

Every student organizes himself or herself in academics which should be priority of studentship. Attending classes should take precedent over any other issues as students are expected to have 75% attendance for every course before being eligible to write the examination.

A major challenge of being a UIte is developing and competing intellectually internally and externally. This refers to academic competency within and outside the University. Much is expected from you as a student and product of this University.

It is pertinent to point out that student of this great institution is expected to abide and respect the matriculation oath. The Matriculation number given to you is life time which you will make use of throughout your study and also at Post graduate level if you are back after your first degree. Moreover, the University Management has given quite a number of student leaders, opportunities to have leadership training at international level annually. This will be further encouraged by Student Affairs.

The University put up the Student Work Study and Student Financial Aids Schemes in 2012 to provide financial supports to students, particularly the indigent ones. Since inception, the schemes have assisted many students. More efforts shall be put in place to create jobs for students so as to get them engaged under Work Study.

I wish you a fulfilling and fruitful academic session

Prof. I. A. Abiona

Dean of Students

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