Hearty greetings.

Even though the UHS has not recorded any confirmed case of COVID-19 in more than three months or an increase in number of clients reporting with flu-like symptoms (based on what is expected for this time/season of the year), we are all advised and enjoined to ensure strict adherence to/compliance with all recommended precautions against COVID-19. This has become imperative in view of the report of a third wave of the pandemic as well as arrival of a different but more transmisible strain of the virus.

Also, please be informed that for those yet to receive theirs, arrangements are ongoing for the next batch of vaccines and the University community will be notified once they arrive.

Let us assist one another to observe all recommended precautions because safety is better assured when everyone complies.

Eat well to boost your immunity. Wear your mask appropriately and always, practice adequate and frequent handwashing use sanitizer correctly, decontaminate frequently touched surfaces at regular intervals, observe adequate social distancing, observe cough etiquette, reduce unnecessary touching of face, ear, eyes etc especially with unwashed hands, get Vaccination on time, shun rumours, use information from NCDC/WHO etc.

please expect a more detailed advisory

Thank you

Director UHS

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