The subject matter refers please. The Emerging Young Entrepreneur of the Year program is an innovative business plan competition hosted in UI (under CEI) on account of an MoU entered into with anindustrial partner (EyE, Abuja) to enrich our students's learning experience.
It runs in 6-month cohorts and includes training, mentoring, prototyping, technology transfer and financial support. The aim of the program is to motivate students to express themselves, test their ideas and build the entrepreneur mindset through a competitive platform. Successful candidates of the competition are fed through one-year incubation programs in purpose-built agribusiness hubs.
Attached is the list of the 106 students (across all disciplines) with agripreneurial ideas that have been admitted into this competition. The schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, February 21 2018, 2pm - 6pm – Inauguration and Commencement of Training. Please note that the first hour will be for introductions and formal inauguration (a short speech and declaration of the program open by the DVC perhaps). The second two hours will be used to settle the students in, explain the objectives of the program and give them a rundown of what to expect for the next 6 months. To enable this run smoothly, we will be sending training packs (t-shirts and manuals) for the students to pick up at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This will enable them dress properly for the inauguration and should reach you by Monday, February 19, 2018 at the latest. 2. Thursday, February 22, 2018, 8am - 5pm – Training and Assessments – A detailed breakdown of activities including breaks (tea and lunch) will be made available. 3. Friday, February 23, 2018, 8am – 10.00am – Review of Day 1 and Assessments

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