Keeping Physical Distance, Staying in Touch - Part 2



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Virtual meeting allows you to join a meeting from different locations with the help of Internet connection, audio (from computer speakers, microphone, or via telephone), and a webcam. Larger groups may also need a projection screen or large TV monitor but it is advisable to keep the technology simple.

In the first part, we discussed some virtual meeting options.

This time, let us look at some of the rules guiding virtual meetings:

Note: The key to a successful virtual meeting is to remember that you are in a meeting, and then maintain the decorum as you would, if you were in the same room.

1. Attend Punctually - connect early and prepare for the meeting to start, it gives you time to settle down and get acquainted with the interface.

2. Remove Distractions - ability to hold virtual meetings almost anywhere is both an advantage and disadvantage. It is required of each participant to ensure serenity (minimize his/her location background noise) and to keep body movements to a minimum as excessive movement can actually degrade video quality.

3. Shun Extraneous Conversation - always assume, when you join meeting that the microphones are already live to other locations to prevent unintended conversation from being broadcast.

4. Avoid Interruption - bring attention to yourself before addressing the group by signaling with your hand or saying "question" or "comment" and wait. Do not forget to stay on mute if you are not talking.

5. Dress Appropriately - you need to be dressed up properly while joining the meeting, even if you attend the meetings from the comfort of your home. Moreover, make sure that your table and/ or your visible background gives a decent impression.

6. Provide Good Lighting – video quality improves with more lighting. If you are presenting or speaking, looking into the camera will give the appearance of eye contact.

7. Make Private Meeting Private – only share login details of the meeting with those who should be part of the meeting.

Enjoy your virtual meetings

Stay Safe!

Training Research and Development - May 2020

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