The new Governing Council of the University was formally inaugurated by the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu on Tuesday, 9 May, 2017.


The new Council under the leadership of Nde Joshua Mutka Waklek, had its inaugural meeting from Thursday 25 to Friday, 26 May, 2017.


From all indications, the new Council is ready to re-invent with serious approach the welfare of staff and students.


Members of Council at the meeting spoke from the abundance of their hearts for the love to serve the University, and by extension, Nigeria.


What is the motivation for the new and other members to serve the University with passion? The answer to this question was well captured in the speech of the new Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council entitled “our mandate.”


According to the new Pro-Chancellor, “this mandate, we cannot take for granted or treat with levity. We, must, therefore, all work together diligently and faithfully to ensure the continuous growth and development of the institution, not only to sustain its leading position in the country but improve its ranking among the best universities in the world.”


For the Council to succeed in this great task, Nde Waklek stressed: ‘we must ensure that our human, financial and other resources, and facilities, are efficiently and effectively managed. The welfare of our staff and the wellbeing of the teaming population of our students must be given a pride of place in our policies and programmes.”


Justifying the need for real transparency and accountability in the institution, the new chairman insisted that existing policies, programmes and projects are to be pursued or reviewed to ensure that ‘they can lead to the realisation of our objectives. Our scarce financial resources are to be applied in the most prudent manner. Acceptable ratios must be maintained in the application of funds to the following critical costs centers: personnel costs, overhead costs, library development, research and development, communication technology. A reasonable balance between academic and non-academic costs should be maintained’


On partnership and cooperation with sister institutions and other organizations, the new Chairman, said these “will continue to be pursued for our mutual benefits, particularly in the interest and progress of our own institution.”


The new Pro-Chancellor thanked President  Muhammadu Buhari, and the Hon. Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu, who according to him, “have given us the mandate to direct and control the affairs of this prestigious premier institution. Our mandate here is to design sound policies on which the University can operate, and to superintend the implementation of such policies to ensure that the institution is efficiently and effectively managed. We will not interfere with the day-to-day running of the university; that will be the responsibility of the vice-chancellor and his management team.”


‘Partnership and cooperation with sister institutions and other organizations will continue to be pursued for our mutual benefits, particularly in the interest and progress of our own institution, the pro-chancellor said.    


The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abel Idowu Olayinka welcomed the new members to the institution and paid special tribute to the caliber of people who served in the last council under the most versatile leadership of Dr. Umar Musa Mustapha.


As part of their quest to understand the workflow, programme/courses, projects and  policies in the university, the Vice-Chancellor, guided the new members on a tour of  the University.


Other external members of the Governing Council are Dr. Mande Samaila, Dr.Jaju Abubakar Muhammadu, Hon. Oluwasegun Adeboye Owoade and Sir. Ben Emenike Okoronkwo and Dr. Kemi Emina.


Internal members of Council are the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abel Idowu Olayinka, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), Prof. Ambrose Aiyelari, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Prof. Adeyinka Aderinto, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships), Prof. Olanike Adeyemo, Prof. Bayo Okunade, Prof. Oluyemisi Bamgbose, Prof. Akinola Alada, Prof. Ezekiel Ayoola, Dr. Ademola Aremu, Dr. Ikeoluwapo Moody and Mr. Olujimi Olukoya, Registrar and Secretary to Council.


Director of Public Communication Series 2017

University of Ibadan

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