This is the second volume of the University of Ibadan Research Report following the publication of the first volume for the years 2010 and 2011. The critical role of research in national development is widely recognised, and the pivotal place of universities in knowledge generation through innovative research is unquestionable. As the premier university in Nigeria, the University of Ibadan is strategically positioned to engage and facilitate “ Research for National Development and Academic Excellence”. The University continues to build on its role as a leading centre for postgraduate research and training in Africa, and consolidate its leadership position in research and innovation.

Current global best practices require monitoring of research performance of higher education institutions. For the University of Ibadan, this publication is an important step in that direction. Furthermore, the catalogue of the research output of our staff provides visibility for a lot of research work that had hitherto been obscured. In view of the high calibre of academic staff at the institution, the quantity and quality of research output in terms of publications from the various departments is not surprising. The response of the academic staff to the call for submission for this publication is a great improvement on that for the 2010-2011 Research Report. This indicates the high premium that the academic staff have placed on showcasing their research output.

A Thomson Reuters review of research output of eight leading universities in Nigeria commissioned by the Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, rated University of Ibadan first. This is a reflection of the high quality research being conducted by our staff.

The 2012 and 2013 Research Report clearly reflects the quality of research that is being conducted by our researchers. A number of these publications address societal issues of national and global relevance. There are publications on sustainable development, climate change, energy, rural livelihoods, health, food security, hunger and poverty eradication as well as so many other critical developmental issues. These are in line with the institutional vision to be “ A world class institution for academic excellence geared towards meeting societal needs”

The current administration has embarked on a number of initiatives to enhance the research capacity of staff and to improve access to funding for cutting edge research. One of such initiatives is the establishment of the University of Ibadan Research Foundation (UIR-Foundation). The main objective for the creation of the Foundation is to provide unique opportunities for staff to participate in interdisciplinary research funded by the University and international funding agencies. The UI-Research Foundation recently awarded grants for seven projects after a competitive and rigorous review process of submitted applications. The four areas focus of the Foundation are Agriculture, Energy, Health and Water Resources /Infrastructure. The expected results of these research projects are research capacity building of early career researchers and increased research output in the focus areas.

We are appreciative of the commitment of our staff at the University of Ibadan, to ensuring high standards of research despite the numerous challenges. The support of the funding agencies and collaborative partners to this endeavour is also deeply appreciated. As we continue to strengthen the research infrastructure, and develop the capacity of our early career researchers to conduct world-class research, we look forward to increasing numbers of funded research projects and high quality research output of international standards.

Professor Isaac F. Adewole

Vice Chancellor

December 2014

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