This is to inform all members of staff of the University that there is fund available for sponsorship of postgraduate programmes for Academic Staff of the University only under the provision of Tertiary Education Trust Fund Academic Staff Training and Development (TETFund AST&D)

The Postgraduate programmes for the intervention include:

§ Post-Doctoral Fellowship

§ Ph.D programmes

§ Master’s degree programmes,

§ Bench work (for TETFUND scholars doing their Ph.D in a Nigerian university other than the University of Ibadan) in International Institutions and Laboratories

In view of the above, applications are expected from eligible scholars (members of academic staff).

NOTE: Applicants wishing to be considered for training scholarship are advised not to choose universities that are ranked below the best-ranked university in Nigeria.

For Post-Doctoral Intervention:

· Priority will be given to those who studied and obtained their Ph.Ds within Nigeria

· The applicant should have completed his Ph.D within a period not more than 5 years; and

· The Post-Doctoral Fellowship award should not be more than one (1) year


Interested scholars are expected to write application letters to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic). Your admission letter or letter of invitation for Bench work or Post-Doctoral Fellowship should accompany your application letter.

Thank you.

Olubunmi O. Faluyi MCIPM, MAUA

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