The Motto:

Ø Moulding Character for Nation Building

The Vision of the Centre:

Ø Creating excellent academic and research environment for effective teaching, learning and researching in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria to make it a world class university

The Mission:

Ø use the instrumentality of research, intelligence gathering and community cooperative synergy to curb cultism and all other social ills on UI campus,

Ø Educating/enlightening the University of Ibadan Community on the appropriate and acceptable social behaviours in order to curb cultism and other forms of anti-social behaviours,

Ø Researching into social behaviours with the intent of proffering appropriate solutions to any detected anti-social behaviours in order to reduce the incidence of anti-social behaviours including cultism,

Ø To act as ombudsman in the university thereby creating the right environment for excellent teaching, learning and research and minimizing the incidence of cultism and other social ills as well as conflicts among members of UI Community,

Ø To instill the spirit of acceptable work and study ethics in members of the community through constant interactive fora in order to create the enabling environment for teaching, learning, research and community service,

Ø Sustaining a peaceful campus through intelligence gathering in order to nip untoward plan to disrupt campus peace in the bud.


Ø Persons in a show of cooperative and collaborative ethically oriented work and study engagement