The objectives of the centre are:

· To continue to carry out the crusade against cultism and cultic activities in all ramifications using networks of credible members of the community to gather relevant information on cultic activities and their sponsors, supporters and perpetrators. This, it will do through advocacy, sensitization, seminars amongst others.

· It will also endeavour through appropriate means to prevent, curb and combat cultism where it becomes absolutely necessary as well as counsel, rehabilitate and restore renounced cultists to normal life through monitoring and mentoring

· Carry out enlightenment campaign against cultism and allied evils

· Fighting cultism through dramas, musical shows, sporting activities, academic competition and road walk

· Re-orienting the entire community towards imbibing good social behaviours and good character so that the University can enjoy peace and harmony which will in turn create enabling environment conducive for teaching, learning, research and service provision which all constitute the core mandates of the University and also reduce the incidence of cultism.

· To ensure that causes of disharmony among staff and staff, management and staff unions and between staff and students are identified and resolved amicably. Thus, fostering understanding and unity among members of the communication

· Work towards the curtailment/eradication of dangerous cultic and occultic activities on our campus

· Coordinate the character moulding process of all members of the community through constant education and enlightenment

· Serve as ombudsman of the University to foster cordial relationship between staff and students and among members of staff, in order to improve the tempo of discipline on campus and the concomitant reduction in disciplinary cases as well as violent cases so that the energy, time and funds dissipated on disciplinary issues can be channeled to profitable ventures

· Research into causes of anti-social behaviours and disharmony and proffer solutions which will promote harmony and peace on campus thereby engendering quality teaching, learning, research and service provision

· Organize workshops, conferences and seminars that will engender good social behaviours and quality academic, research and support output, thus contributing immeasurably towards moving the University to the highest level of a world class University

· To work with the relevant University organs among which are the Directorate of Quality Assurance, Gender Mainstreaming, Students’ Union Leadership, various Units (academic and non-academic) towards the realization and sustenance of its objectives

· To give proper work orientation to newly employed academic and support staff in collaboration with the appropriate units as well as give continuous education on work ethics

· To advise the community on any detected lapses and suggest the best ways to tackle them

· Liaise among units to promote cordiality on campus

· Any such other functions the university may assign to her