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Department of Industrial and Production Engineering


New! Department of Industrial & Production Engineering Introduces Professional Master of Engineering Management (M.E.M)

Management oflarge engineering systems presents peculiar challenges, most especially in a developing economy like Nigeria. The managers of such systems must be adequately familiar with both the technical and management aspects of the systems. Because Nigeria has lacked the ‘critical mass’ of Engineering Managers required for managing large scale engineering projects and systems, the country continually experiences large-scale management problems in:

· Technology-triggered business investments and organizational developments;

· Energy and utilities availability crises;

· Technology development, promotion, selection, adaptation, maintenance and replacement;

· Environmental pollution and operational safety;

· Running manufacturing, mineral exploration, construction and transportation systems and skilled human resources development and management.

· Effective commercialisation of technological products and innovations

It is to produce a crop of Engineers adequately equipped to handle such managerial problems that the Department of Industrial and Production Engineering, University of Ibadan decided to introduce the professional Master of Engineering Management (M.E.M) Program. The program is a blend of advanced engineering and business education aimed at preparing Engineers for effective participation in the management of engineering and technology-based organizations, and management of technological change. It is a unique program intended mainly for post-experience Engineering graduates.

Some attractive Features of the Programme

1. Candidates will have the choice of specialising in any of the following options:

• Master of Engineering Management: Ergonomics and Safety Management

• Master of Engineering Management: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

• Master of Engineering Management: Project Management

• Master of Engineering Management: Maintenance Management

2. Lecture schedules will be made friendly for the working students, especially in the part-time option.

3. State of the art facilities will be deployed for the programme.

4. Programme will be linked with the industry. The curricula have been designed around extensive use of case studies and industry based problems.

5. Students will have both academic and industry based project supervisors.

Resource Persons:

The resource persons for the programme are postgraduate teachers in the Department of Industrial and

Production Engineering and the Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan. However, to give the programme

a multi-disciplinary and integrated flavour, experienced academics from other faculties as well as Professionals

and Engineers from the industry are fully involved as associate lecturers.

The programme will commence in the 2012/2013 academic session. Please watch out for advertisement from the Post-graduate School,University of Ibadan.

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