The Public Relations Office performs, among other things, the following duties:
1. Initiating and implementing public relations strategies for the University to enable it maintain cordial relations with its teeming publics.
2. Writing, editing and publishing information products of enlightenment and reference that provide relevant information to all stakeholders e.g. Official Bulletin, Newsletters, Special Releases, The Premier Tower, Brochures etc.
3. Monitoring public opinion to identify trends and measure public acceptability of the institution’s activities as well as identifying public concerns and expectations.
4. Keeping accurate and up-to-date data bank on all milestone events, newspaper cuttings on higher education related news, newspaper reviews, broadcast materials, press releases, speeches and other communication materials.
5. Writing copies of corporate advertisements based on requests from relevant Faculties/Departments/Units and event specific issues including congratulatory messages, obituaries etc.
6. Coordinating all arrangements for corporate and official functions such as Graduation/Matriculation ceremonies etc, inaugural lectures, University lectures, distinguished Guest Lectures, exchange Lecture series, staff parties, tours and receptions for dignitaries as well as welcome/send-off parties. The Public Relations Officer serves as or arranges for Comperes at such functions.
7. Liaising with important dignitaries on visits to the University or arranging outside visits by the University functionaries.
8. Press Relations – Organizing Press Conferences, interviews, radio/TV talks etc.
9. Updating the Bulletin, News and Newsletter pages on the University Website.
10 Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, other Principal Officers and the Deputy Registrar (Vice Chancellor’s Office).

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