As a result of the positive impact made by the University of Ibadan Anti-Cultism Campaign Committee, in the pursuit of its objective of ridding the campus of cultism and the subsequent implicit demand by members of the community that the committee takes on more responsibility than just crusading against cultism; and the limitation its name imposed on it in that wise; a proposal to transform it into Centre for Social Orientation was presented to Senate which consequently approved that it be so transformed on Monday, 28 March, 2011. It was thus mandated to promote social values as well as work and study ethics in addition to its initial mandate of eliminating cultism in the University of Ibadan. This was sequel to the fact that, social ills are best fought by prevention through the mechanisms of appeal, sensitisation, enlightenment and education as well as through intelligence gathering and social research aimed at identifying causes, effects of and solutions to social ills and misbehaviour of which cultism is a prominent result. This is believed to be a better strategy of curbing not only cultism but also other forms of social ills and to make it to be equally well positioned to give appropriate orientation to all members of the community in order to equip them to synergistically move the university toward a world class one as stated in its vision. This will invariably create a very conducive and enabling environment for quality assurance and control in teaching, learning, research, and community service.

The Vice-Chancellor subsequently mandated the Chairman of the Anti-Cultism Campaign Committee to take charge of Centre for Social Orientation. However, Dr. Adams Onuka, who directed the Centre from 1 April, 2011, was formally appointed the director on 1 April, 2012. CenSO networks with Unit CenSO Committees in both academic and non-academic units of the University so as to be as effective as possible. Nevertheless, Anti-Cultism Campaign Committee continues to operate as a semi-autonomous unit of CenSo. In fact, CenSO is the University of Ibadan equivalent of the Federal Ministry of Education’s (FME) desk on Exam Ethics and Campus Safety as cultism is the only threat to Campus Safety. We all know that conflicts among people and other negative social behaviours are equally threats to campus safety.