The only thing that is permanent in life is Change. Up until yesterday Sunday, 30 June 2019, a commuter can board a commercial motorcycle to anywhere on campus but today the story has changed, it is now the era of a tricycle. As a result of the intervention of the management of the University of Ibadan, today, Monday, 01 July 2019 signalled the commencement of operation of tricycle popularly known as ‘Maruwa’ or ‘Keke Napep’ to replace the prohibited commercial motorcycle known as “Okada”. The intervention became imperative in order to safeguard the welfare and safety of staff and students on campus, reduce if not totally eradicate criminal tendencies, prevent an accident due to non-usage of a helmet or other safety kits by passengers, curb the illegal operation of unregistered Okada riders and to promote good service delivery among others. From information gathered, a charge per passenger is N30 for a trip with three (3) passengers, and N150 for charter depending on the distance. University of Ibadan Intra Campus Transport Committee (ICTC) now run its services with the existing taxi, bus and the new tricycle. This operation, is, to a large extent, new to the University community and its members, and may take time before adapting to the new development having enjoyed the Okada ride for years at the rate of N50, N80 or N100 for a long time. One thing that is however constant is the free natural air while in transit. It is therefore apt to wish all commuters and most especially, all tricycle riders a hitch-free experience. BON VOYAGE
Directorate of Public Communication

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