One may wonder what was in the mind of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abel Idowu Olayinka, FAS, when he started his speech with a probing question: WHY UI? The question was thrown at the fresh undergraduate students at the just concluded orientation programme. The VC stated that, with the statistics of universities in Nigeria as approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria has 43 Federal Universities, 48 State Universities and 79 private Universities as approved and released by the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC), the list is the current and valid one for the year 2018 (updated with NUC on 30/09/2018), so, Why UI? Professor Olayinka, who was determined to probe the mind of his audience for their views and opinion, personally handpicked seven students out of over 4000 undergraduate students that were present in the hall for their feedbacks. The following were the excerpt from the students that responded: In 2016, a lady named Esther told me that I can’t enter UI, this question bothered my mind. So I asked her for the reason for saying that, she then answered saying UI is known for brilliant people, and that they are so strict during their admission processes. Then I told her I must enter that strict university and I must graduate from the university. Another reason is that it is one of the best universities among all in Nigeria. UI also maintains a high level of academic excellence. Ikonwi Goddoing Bariedoora, Department of Adult Education, Faculty of Education. It is an undeniable fact that UI is the very first and best in Nigeria. All other universities are incomparable with UI. As a Uite, to get employment is very sure and easy to some extent. A lecturer in UI once told his student in Geology that he went to seek employment at Shells, and the Interviewers asked for his School, and guess what, that alone secured the job for him because he said UI. UI brand commands respect on its own, anywhere you go, there is this respect that is given to UI and its product. People bow at the hearing of UI name. It is a school that I know that is working towards excellence and not excellence alone but to impact the student knowledge and sound judgment. Just like the motto of the School; RECTE SAPERE FONS. Anywhere in the world, the products of UI are always known for this. And lastly, I came to UI because it is the only school that has produced legends, heroes, Nobel Laurette and game changers. So I am here now in UI because I want to be part of the legends that UI will produce. Tunde Alao & Toni Abigeal, Department of Communication and Language Arts, Faculty of Arts. I am here gallantly in UI, the first and the best, to lay a strong and absolute foundation in becoming a competent Arabic scholar in the whole world. Salaudeen Monsur Adio, Department of Arabic and Education, Faculty of Education. First of all, my purpose of coming to UI is to gain my first degree in this premier University, the first and best, because of how UI is being rated in the society. Olufadeju Samuel OLuwapelumi, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences. I believe UI is the best and the most convenient environment for me to learn and acquire the knowledge I’m relentlessly searching for in order to solve the problems of the nation, as regards my discipline. Rahmatullah Abdussamii Abdurrasheed, Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources I am honoured and privileged to be a student of this great University. My purpose for coming to UI is none other than the great names, qualities and values are known with the University. This higher institution is the fountainhead of true learning that is deep and sound. I desire to learn in the best environment, from best Lecturers, and with the best Colleagues at the University of Ibadan. I hope to be the best in this best University. Omojare Mercy Taiwo, Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science.
Directorate of Public Communication

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