Please adopt the following procedures for handling matters relating to the 2021 Convocation and 73rd Foundation Day Ceremonies:

1.0 Attendance at the International Conference Centre is opened to First Class Honours graduands and recipients of prizes and awards only. Parents and visitors are not allowed into the campus neither will there be any form of partying or social gathering during the period. All graduands are to comply with COVID-19 protocols, including wearing of face masks, physical distancing and use of hand sanitizer.

2.0 Academic Outfits (gowns, caps and hoods) are available for collection from the Store (ERA Division) as from Monday, 1st November, 2021 between 9.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. Each Faculty Officer is to collect the allocation for the Faculty for hiring to Graduands as from Monday, 08 November, 2021. Please note that the Examinations Officer (Undergraduate) is in charge of the clearance for collection of the gowns. Faculty Officers should ensure that academic outfits are returned promptly after the Ceremony.

The Notice to Graduands and the Order of Proceedings should be distributed to Graduands as they report at the respective Faculty Offices/Postgraduate College.

3.0 All graduands are expected to pay a refundable deposit of N500.00 to the Faculty Officer. Each Graduand should present the Bursary Receipts for the following to the Faculty Officer in order to be issued an academic outfit:

i. Hiring of Undergraduate Academic outfit – N3, 000 (Three Thousand Naira only).

ii. Hiring of Master’s Academic outfit – N3, 000 (Three Thousand Naira only).

iii. Purchase of Ph.D Academic outfit – N25, 200 (Twenty Five Thousand, Two Hundred Naira only).

iv. School fees containing the appropriate Graduation Levy for Diploma/Certificate, First Degree and Higher Degree.

v. Separate receipt of N1, 000.00 (One Thousand Naira only) for the University of Ibadan Alumni Association (UIAA) Membership levy. The levy of N1, 000.00 (One Thousand Naira only) must be paid to the Alumni Office.

On no account should any academic outfit be issued to Graduands who do not present the Bursary receipts (i – v above) and pay the refundable deposit of N500.00 to the Faculty Officers and Deputy Registrars (Exams & Records, Postgraduate College) and the Distance Learning Centre.

Please note that the University of Ibadan Alumni Association (UIAA) fee of N1, 000.00 should be paid by the Graduands at the Alumni Office.

4.0 All Graduands must pay all the levies: Hiring of academic outfits levy, Graduation levy and UIAA membership levy, whether they attend the convocation ceremony or not. Certificates shall not be released without the evidence of payment of the levies.

5.0 The Bursary will help keep custody of cash where it is considered insecure overnight; such cash should not be kept in the Faculty Offices, please.

6.0 Faculty Officers are to ensure that graduands are attended to at the Faculty Offices in an orderly manner before and after the Ceremony.

7.0 Faculty Officers are expected to ensure that Graduands are properly robed before they are allowed into the venue for the 2021 Graduation Ceremonies on the 15, 16, and 17 November, 2021 respectively. They must be seated with the graduands in the respective designated spaces for each Faculty.

8.0 Please ensure that First Degree Graduands wear the tassels of their caps to the right. When the Vice-Chancellor declares “I admit you all” the Graduands should move the tassels from the right to the left. Faculty Officers are also to ensure that the above instruction is carried out smoothly before Graduands come before the Vice-Chancellor. Higher Degree Graduands are to wear their tassels to the left throughout the Ceremonies.

9.0 The taking of photographs or unauthorised movement inside the Graduation Hall will not be allowed. Any Graduand who leaves before or during the Ceremony will not be allowed to return to the Hall.

10.0 Graduands should report at their respective Faculty Offices not later than 48 hours after the ceremony to:

· Return the academic outfits (in good condition)

· Receive their refundable deposit for the academic outfits.

11.0 Proper returns of academic outfits must be made to the ERA Division by Faculty Officers not later than one (1) week after the ceremony. Graduands who fail to submit their academic outfits 48 hours after the Ceremony shall pay a surcharge of N500.00 per day.

12.0 Faculty Officers should make a formal report to ERA Division on the details of graduands who failed to return the academic outfit within the stipulated time.

13.0 Faculty Officers should ensure that graduand(s) who damage academic outfits or part thereof are made to pay a surcharge of N6, 000 for the gown, N3,000 for the hood and N3,000 for the cap.

14.0 Faculty Officers and all others concerned should also please attend the Pre-Ceremony Rehearsal

promptly in order to be familiar with the procedures above.

15.0 The cooperation of all Faculty Officers, essential for the success of the Ceremonies, is hereby solicited.

Thank you.

S.O. Oyewumi

Deputy Registrar (ERA)

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