The Abadina Media Resource Centre was established by the then Department of Library Studies and now Department of Library, Archival and Information studies in October, 1974 as a research and public service unit for schools and children’s libraries. The Centre opened its services to the public in January, 1975 comprising readers services, research, training, workshops for school library personnel, author of children’s books and consultancy in school library development. In May 1978, the mother Department sought the approval of the University Development Committee for the expansion of the Centre’s programme and constituting it into an autonomous academic centre within the Faculty of Education. The Senate at its meeting of 26th July, 1985 approved the recommendation of the Development Committee (Paper no. 3436) on the expansion and autonomy of the Centre and reaffirmed same at its meeting of Friday 29th July, 1988 that:

i. Abadina Media Resource Centre be constituted as an autonomous Centre within the Faculty of Education with an academic Director to be appointed by the Vice-chancellor on the recommendation of the Dean of Education;

ii. the Centre would function as a research and public service unit for schools and children’s libraries with a Board to manage the affairs of the centre (Senate paper 3885).

The Board of Abadina Media Resource Centre, approved by Senate in 1985, held its inaugural meeting on 12th June, 1986 and at which the revised objectives and functions of the centre were approved as follows:


The Centre operates the following five academic units in fulfillment of the above listed functions.

i. Bibliographic and Reading Development

ii. Research and Postgraduate Studies

iii. Model School Library Media Resource Centre

iv. Audio-visual Media and e-learning

v. Consultancy and Outreach Programme Unit

Bibliographic and Reading Development

This unit develops a collection of all available children’s book and other media in Nigeria for research and consultation by all involved in the development of learning resources for Nigerian children. The unit also develop the basic reading skills in children to promote appropriate reading culture of the Nigerian child.

Research and Post-Graduate Studies

This unit coordinates the research projects of the Centre and also its teaching programmes. At present the Centre runs courses in school media at Diploma, Master’s and Doctoral levels. The unit also initiates collaboration with similar institutions in and outside Nigeria in research and exchange programmes.

Model School Library Media Centre

The unit provides a mutli-media collection of learning resource and the facilities for their full exploitation by children of all ages and adults working with children either as researchers, teachers, parents or librarians. The services form the basis of developing standards for adoption in Nigerian school library resources centres by which the quality of library services to Nigerian children in schools and outside school setting will be enhanced.

Audio-Visual and e-Learning

This unit develops programmes to enhance the information literacy skills of the students and general users of the Centre – children, teachers and adults. Its programme keeps children users and adult abreast of developments in the field of ICT.

Consultancy and Outreach Programmes

This unit coordinates the consultancy services of the Centre in the development of school library media Centres and programmes in Nigerian schools through technical/professional assistance and training workshops which are either initiated by the Centre or sponsored by the education agencies such as : Government and Development Partners within and outside Nigeria. Services to the Nigerian public designed to enhance the information literacy level and functional skills of children and youths are coordinated by this unit The activities of the Nigerian School Library Association, a learned society of school librarians/media specialist as well as other relevant associations in the education of the child are also coordinated by this unit


The Centre offers the following programmes and courses approved by the University Senate:

S/N Courses Mode of study

i. Diploma in School Media (DSM) - Part – Time

ii. Master’s Degree in Media Resource Management

(MMRM) (Professional) - Full /Part-Time

iii. Master’s Degree in School Media (MSM) (Academic) - Full Time

iv. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) - Full Time

v. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Full / Part Time

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