The Postgraduate School is linked to the Registry section of the University. The management of the Postgraduate School is vested in its Board and the Executive Committee. The Management team is headed by the Dean, assisted by two Sub-Deans, 1 Deputy Registrar/Secretary and four Unit Heads. Of the four Unit Heads, three are Registry Staff known as Administrative Officers on different levels. A Principal Assistant Registrar, Mr. J.N. Chigbundu, heads the Committees Section. Dr Maria M.D. Ekpenyong, a Principal Assistant Registrar heads the Admission Office, while Mrs. Meliatu A. Abioye, an Assistant Registrar, heads the Examination Section.
The Secretariat of the Postgraduate School is manned by these Registry staff assist the Registrar to coordinate the activities of the Postgraduate School on behalf of Senate. They also assist in maintenance of excellence in postgraduate training and development of new relevant programmes.
The Admission Office is the first port of call for all prospective candidates to the University of Ibadan for postgraduate studies. In line with the current global trend in e-admission candidates need no longer come down to Postgraduate School to purchase application forms manually as the case used to be. All that is expected now is for prospective candidates to supply bio-data and e-mail addresses and enter data correctly to enable them receive a unique identifier and proceed to process invoice for payment. Candidates must supply accurate and complete information and must adhere strictly to rules governing e-admission process. Completed application forms are downloaded by candidates themselves; submit personally or by post to postgraduate school.
The Committee Section assists the Secretary to the postgraduate school in ensuring that all papers for the Board and other committees of the School are prepared and circulated in time for the meeting and also ensures that decisions taken at these meetings are disseminated promptly and accurately.

The Examination Office is one of the sectional units of the postgraduate school. The sectional head is referred to as the Examination Officer. The unit is involved in the following activities.
a. Issuance of Notification of Results daily to candidates (PhD, Masters, M. Phil, M.P.H and Postgraduate Diploma) who request for their results.
b. Verification/confirmation of Results and certificates
c. Preparation of Results to senate for ratifications
d. Preparation of certificate list.
e. Distribution of theses/Dissertations to internal/External Examiners, as well as final copies to the University library and Departments.

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