Call for Consultancy: The ACADEMY-VCoP e-Learning Platform

Call for Consultancy: The ACADEMY-VCoP e-Learning Platform.

The ACADEMY project, a partner of the University of Ibadan is a Trans-Regional African Cooperation through Academic Mobility project which aims to provide resources and opportunities for the mobility of students and staff from four regions of Africa. This project is part of the Intra Africa Calls funded by the European Union.

The objective of the ACADEMY is to contribute to the promotion of transregional continental sustainable integration, and inclusive development in line with AU Agenda 2063. It intends to create an open platform as a key instrument for innovation, knowledge sharing and disseminating good practices among participating institutions. One way to achieve this objective beyond institutional boundaries is by developing an online knowledge and stakeholder platform.

ACADEMY would like to design and set up a Learning Management/e-Learning platform that will be used to strengthen capacity and grow both the current and new educational and professional skills and competencies for the various stakeholders. Such an online platform, with the support of the ACADEMY partners aspires to invite more participation of more academic, public and private institutions from the region.

A combination of internal and external developers will be used to carry out the sourcing and implementation of the project and they will work closely with academic and industry experts for the educational and technical developments required.

This Call is for interested Consultants.

Deadline: March 30th

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